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ABBY Slab - Your Precast Slab Forming System

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This engineered product can be specifically designed to cope with extreme loads and provides many advantages over traditional formwork. ABBY Floor is positioned across spans of up to 2.4m x 12m and bonds with existing structures and/or topping concrete to provide a strong, safe, efficient flooring system. Please take some time to read our brochure and contact us to arrange a suitable time to discuss the many benefits this product provides.  

- Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Manufactured to precise tolerances in our state of the art production facitlity, these panels incorporate advances in panel design, concrete technology, production methods and use of embedments. The advantages of Precast wall panels are wide and varied depending on the application. They can be everything from reduced cranage to quicker build times and lower constructions costs.

Please contact us direct on to arrange a suitable time to appraise your project or discuss the advantages and uses for ABBY Wall in future projects.

Some of the advantages include:
-          Quickness of supply & erection
-          Reduced Labour on site
-          Quality of finish
-          Quality finish of soffit (ABBY Slab)
-          Reduced material handling and equipment required
-          Reduced loss from wet weather days
-          Minimal movement and cracking
-          Strong, sturdy designed buildings
-          Good ‘R’ ratings and Sound values for sustainable design