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Pit Lane ABBY Flooring and Beams - Townsville 400 V8s Track - Details

Pit Lane Building - ABBY Flooring and Beams 
Townsville 400 V8s Track


Pit Lane Building = 190m long x 12m wide plus overhangs

  • 2,400 m² of ABBY Slab panel supplied for forming of the 1st Level Suspended Slab.
  • Bays spanned 6m with 1 row of propping
  • Slab was stepped in different areas (down to balcony) etc.
  • Balcony panels included 400mm high upstand hob
  • Downturn hob panels produced on end of building
Quality soffit finish provided by ABBY Slab was a great advantage as no ceiling was to be installed in the garages and on the soffit of the balconies.

                 Due to time constraints, the client decided to go with Precast Beams manufacture off-site to enable the progress of the job to stay on track.

                 Beams – Internal
  • 12m long x 640mm High x 390mm wide supported at each end and in the centre across the width of the building
  • Beams landed before ABBY Slab install on top to have bearing on the ends
    Beams – External Perimeter
  • 12m long x 400mm High x 350mm wide running along the length of the building perimeter
  • Reinforcing ligatures protruded from the beams into the slab area to provide connection
  • Perimeter beams and Hobs acted as formwork for the topping slab.
Quality of the exterior of the precast beams and hobs was far superior than ‘off-form’ finish.

Some notes on the event:

V8 Supercars Australia is excited to commence work on this signature event. The event will be more than just a race, it will be a festival of events celebrating the best of V8 Supercars. Spectators can expect 3 action packed days of sensational motor racing and entertainment for all ages.

V8 Supercars Australia is committed to ensuring the Townsville 400 street race is a world class event that compliments the other 13 signature events on the V8 Supercars Championship Series Calendar.

The Townsville 400 promises to be 'the' sporting event of North Queensland as it showcases itself to the 850 million homes throughout the world-wide telecast.

ABBY have been a strong supporter of this project and are proud to be involved in the construction of such a pivotal investment in the regions future.

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