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Now in 2013 we can post more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing precast concrete panels, Abby Design and Drafting was established to provide world-class precision drafting and manufacturing cost management services.

In 2013 most of our uruguayan based design team have more than eleven years of experience. Hundreds if not thousands succesfully completed project in australia and uruguay. This is done through the on-time and on-schedule provision of exceptional design, shop and erection drawings. Abby Design and Drafting employ the very best people and qualified architects - trained in the process of panel manufacture - to enable them to deliver solutions that achieve client goals on time and on-budget.

Through the provision of precise and comprehensive blueprints of precast elements, Abby Design and Drafting caters to the exact requirements of each client’s manufacturing guidelines. This ensures the highest level of construction integrity.

Abby Design and Drafting also understand the importance of responsibility in regard to the demanding requirements of global construction. As a result, delivery of their services is seamless in regard to both coordination and delivery.

The need for comprehensive, individually tailored precast design and drafting services service has never been greater. Trust this service to Abby design and Drafting. 

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  -  Precast Concrete Products Pty Ltd
  -  Hansen Yuncken
  -  Watts Constructions
  -  Leighton Contractors 
  -  Pindan
  -  John Holand
  -  Prime Constructions
  -  Mirvac
  -  Australand
  -  Baulderstone
  -  Thiess
  -  Tecsa Uruguay
  -  Sas Arquitectos
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