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About Us

The Abby Design & Drafting team have over 16 years of precast design and manufacturing experience. Originally created to service their own precast circulation plant, they are the only design organisation that owned its own production facility.

By leveraging this production experience, they have continued to provide their clients with design and drafting services that are world-class.

This ‘hands-on’ knowledge and experience has provided an intimate insight into the precast industry that has historically suffered from inadequate design services. This has allowed Abby Design and Drafting to utilise their talents to overcome key manufacturing issues during the critical design phase.

In line with in-house design and drafting talent, Abby Design and Drafting also employ the very latest computer design tools to enable clients to increase their profit margins and reduce cycle times.

Providing the full spectrum of residential, commercial and industrial shop drawing and design components, Abby Design and Drafting prides itself on its clear understanding of each client’s requirements, standards and operating schedule.

In line with this, a Quality Assurance methodology that encompasses continuous improvement and quantitative analysis to ensure client project success.